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ellow peeps
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Joined: 3rd Jun 2013
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3rd Jun 2013

hellow fellas.
been playing on your texas V2 server this morning...which is this night for you since there is around 6 hour difference (im from Egypt btw)
and i added the server to my favs and i really liked the way y'all behave
sounds like big fun.
im an oldshcool MOH:AA player...been playing since 2003...and mostly sniper only.
didnt play last 2 years that much cos i started playing League of Legends....but im starting to come back to MOH:AA from time to time.
im 22 years old and i think im a nice guy (at least thats what they say )
my former clans in the US were : [33rd] , <=NUF=>
and been admining lots of european clans.
i used to do mohaa mods and edit scripts....etc.
but i forgot most of these stuff

so , could someone tell me what would it take to join your clan ?
do i have pay for servers and stuff ? or ?


ps : my xfire is unix30001
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Joined: 3rd Jun 2013
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6th Jun 2013

i've said all about myself
and i will fill in an app anyways....and its up to you at the end of the day.
ill try to come for a visit on ts when i can cos we have like 6 hours difference...
so my night is your day and my day is your night.
Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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